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Got us too excited

Le 29 mars 2016, 10:40 dans Humeurs 0

“Hilly’s going to be here in five minutes and she’s messed up everything!” she screech. I guess Mae Mobley hear her through the window cause she look over at us, frozen. Smile fades. After a second, she start wiping the mud off her face real slow.

I put a apron on cause I got to hose them kids off. Then I’m on go in the garage, get my stockings on. Book coming out in four days. Ain’t a minute too soon.

WE BEEN living in ANTICIPATION. Me, Minny, Miss Skeeter, all the maids with stories in the book. Feel like we been waiting for some invisible pot a water to boil for the past seven months. After bout the third month a waiting, we just stopped talking about it.

But for the past two weeks, I’ve had a secret joy and a secret dread both rattling inside a me that make waxing floors go even slower and washing underwear a uphill race. Ironing pleats turns into a eternity, but what can you do. We all pretty sure nothing’s gone be said about it right at first. Just like Miss Stein told Miss Skeeter, this book ain’t gone be no best-seller and to keep our “expectations low.” Miss Skeeter say maybe don’t spec nothing at all, that most Southern peoples is “repressed.” If they feel something, they might not say a word. Just hold they breath and wait for it to pass, like gas.

Minny say, “I hope she hold her breath till she explode all over Hinds County.” She mean Miss Hilly. I wish Minny was wishing for change in the direction a kindness, but Minny is Minny, all the time.

“YOU WANT YOU a snack, Baby Girl?” I ask when she get home from school on Thursday. Oh, she a big girl! Already four years old. She tall for her age—most folks think she five or six. Skinny as her mama is, Mae Mobley still chubby. And her hair ain’t looking too good. She decide to give herself a haircut with her construction paper scissors and you know how that turn out. Miss Leefolt had to take her down to the grown-up beauty parlor but they couldn’t do a whole lot with it. It still be short on one side with almost nothing in front.

I fix her a little something low-calorie to eat cause that’s all Miss Leefolt let me give her. Crackers and tunafish or Jell-O without no whip cream.

“What you learn today?” I ask even though she ain’t in real school, just the pretend kind. Other day, when I ask her, she say, “Pilgrims. They came over and nothing would grow so they ate the Indians.”

for not familiar with fresh

Le 21 juillet 2015, 09:15 dans Humeurs 0

Some people think that marriage is like a fortress, the people outside who want to come in, and people who come in. Before do not know why there is such a saying, always feel from love to get married, people want to come in, come in, people want to go out. Did not know why there is such a statement, total feel from love to marriage, as is the Guashudiluo is the normal thing, is the most common thing, it is the most difficult to grasp. Some people said, "marriage is the grave of love", I do not know why it is very beautiful, and finally let people make such a complaint?

Side there is no lack of divorce friends heard telling in marriage history of tears of blood, inevitably some sympathy and frustration, don't know why two people good, will let each other go farther and farther, don't love, really has been daily necessities in daily life, pickled has no happiness and sweet taste? Details of the defeat of love, this is a naked marriage in a classic lines, the reason is the classic, or because this sentence to say most people's voice. Now most of the marriage there is no love the, just because a child has the responsibility, so willing to improvise has been down, do not know this life for life is not a kind of torture?

Love, show love is the best of the best, but when after marriage, feel no longer in disguise, so all the disadvantages are exposed, marriage like a changed man, two people to live a happy life together, to mutual understanding, mutual their tolerance, learn to overcome their own shortcomings, and very easy, it's hard to do so, because the life of trifles, contradiction, quarrel more, and when the family disputes into the yoke of marriage, love will collapse, the family may also collapse, many families are discrete, not because of the trivia of life, accumulate too many contradictions, the final day of the outbreak and irreparable. Perhaps for a long time, no longer have a quarrel, not noisy, but too lazy to quarrel, so learn to the cold war, not willing to go to communicate, do not be willing to do the meaningless explanation, and understand more and more, depressed more and more, to love more and more indifferent, slowly really become the most familiar strangers.

For love, we are always full of imagination, often want to each other too perfect, so once each other not as we want to act, subconsciously we would ask him to must be in accordance with the idea to do, while the other is their personality and ideas, it is difficult to change, so the contradiction is produced, a lot of people to love and marriage is not satisfied, because the other party does not meet the requirements of their own.

Marriage is "the seven year itch", and according to the survey has been brought forward to the "five-year itch", this period is the emotional life of husband and wife appear conflict most of the time, marriage there is always a period to adapt to run the. Some couples have a live tired, some people may find that passion for is not necessarily what is romantic, but to find their love of the abandoned, looking for love, sweet, for not familiar with fresh, so popular now cyber love, how many people are never tired of, the Internet can not to destroy the other's family, and can get their needs. Love is shallow, with feelings of the game, with love, with the marriage as a child's play. In fact, sooner or later will understand, distance produces beauty, and who live together, to experience these boring chores, with friction and contradiction have a quarrel, was never a happy life if you don't learn how to run a marriage.

Happy families are alike, unhappy family but have the unfortunate, and everyone has a difficult to read, when the love into the marriage. Love may fade into the family, no longer have the passion, and the romance in a relationship, only to each other and mutual support. Love is two people, and marriage is two family, the contradiction in life many because of both families, unluckily such troubles is unavoidable, so only learn how in marriage, tolerance, perhaps too will better.

In fact, birds, fish,

Le 22 juin 2015, 08:53 dans Humeurs 0

The weekend was going to bring thermal transfer printer hk, then decided to go to see Longhu. This weekend has entered the mangzhong solar terms, the Central Plains the wheat has begun to enter the harvest period, the wheat harvest, the weather is hot. Cherry and ripe nectarine, apricot and yellow loquat, plum is still green. In the countryside, in June the wind, wrapped in the wheat and fruit flavor. The rose aroma of the shuttle in the forest, and camphor, Tasson, mountain bamboo mixed together, the taste is very good. These are different from the city's air, and those in a hurry, the secular, it is natural to ease a lot of. The wind blow, the fragrance linger. And the aroma of the moment, let me put my heart clean. If there is a body in the mundane world, Linquan heart in sentiment.

Came to Longhu Longzi Lake, the sun is shining, the sky like washed too blue. The morning dew, in the sun flashing crystal of light and the sun began to a step by step approach, the morning dew a step back in the next, as if the sun is the king mask house, the morning dew is more trivial people.

Standing by the lake, watching the beginning of the day is how clear, the heart is happy quiet. Such as "the dream of the lake, but also the mirror of the road". The water lily blossom calamus, in the water into a piece of green. Small tadpoles in the water, for many years have not seen, see, such as see once the boy, the heart has a different kind of joy. The little black tadpoles, free in the water swimming, they embraced each other, chasing each other, as if a group of ink flowers, in the water halo.

To the top of the island, there are a few people who are going to fish. I think they are fishing was a mood. I wonder if they in fish when fishing, whether to think let these fish should be in the water grows bigger, do not have to be so early into the bait, fishing by. Perhaps such a game can be called life. And the fate of life, in here, as a small lake.

During this period, the water's edge flying a group of birds, the birds in the morning is my greatest joy, they in the water flying occasional low Ming, want to enter and exit the water. When they were about to shoot mask house, they plunged into the water. Too cute, maybe this meeting of the fish in the water at the moment, is a lifetime of pain, because, the moment has become the prey of waterfowl.

In fact, birds, fish, aquatic plants, they are rivers, lakes of the soul. If there is no such gods, then there is no water in the rivers and lakes.

For two years, I have become the pursuit of the perfect person, sometimes in order to shoot a bird's dynamic, and stubbornly stick to the one, and so is an hour. That morning, we were armed, waiting in the sun, watching the water's edge, just like a man who was watching the wheat fields. Until noon, the happy state is not what we want to shoot birds infested water. Suddenly feel, failure is the mother of success of this sentence, it takes a lifetime to do.

Lin Qingxuan said, "the light of joy and Enlightenment in life, like the light of a dove, suddenly comes to our window, and when they fly away, I just have to keep it.

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