Once again, Ramadan is here, across the globe look forward to so eagerly. It is not merely a month about abstaining from food and drink; it is also meant to be a time of fasting for the soul, the eyes and ears. It is meant to teach us to be mindful of all our different senses – what we expose them to and how we use them. Ramadan is meant to remind us of the blessings we have in order for us to be more grateful people, as well as to allow us to empathise with those who aren’t as fortunate. It is humbling and teaches us to rethink our actions. The month of Ramadan is about being able to carry on with your everyday life with the additional pressure of fasting so that you can learn to be patient. It is normal to be tired and even get irritable when you are deprived of sustenance, but the aim should be to keep your cool and show respect to your family, friends and co-workers. Fasting is not meant to be an excuse for any shortcomings during the Holy Month. And fasting for 15 hours in this part of the world to fasting from 17 to 20 hours in others is no easy task, somehow miraculously the days seem to just cruise by. What’s amazing is, not only the adults do this, but some as small as 3 & 4 year olds carry the fasts. Thats the magic of Ramadan, doing what otherwise seems unfathomable to do.

And after a long day of fasting, whatever ideas you had of eating healthy, eating smart, eating light … goes right out of the window, and all you want are the lovely sinful snacks. Stuff that you would steer away from in everyday life, or atleast eat in controlled portions. And I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with that ! You did kind of deserve it, and there’s nothing wrong in indulging in a few good things. I’m not promoting gluttony but as long as you know when to stop, everthing is good, and you can enjoy it guilt free. The first two days we usually start with a light clear soup followed with something grilled or panfried, but soon enough day 3 – 4 on I’m usually heading right for the little fried delicacies, that are crunchy and packed with flavour ( home prepared stuff i.e. – the outside is way too oily ) and of course thinking about whats going to follow for dessert. By the way do hop over to my dear friend Lubna Karim’s Blog, she hosts this lovely event every Ramadan, Joy From Fasing to Feasting, shares some lovely recipes that makes the task of Menu deciding easier in these days.

Cheesecakes for me are actually a no brainer. Just pour, whip, pour and set. I can’t remember the last time I pulled out a measuring scale for this dessert. Yet somehow it always turns out right and looking glamorous. Measured eating portions and easy to pass around, the ideal thing to make for Iftar parties. How sweet & rich you make them is totally upto you. I do quite like a cheesey cheesecake which is why I’ve use 3 packages of Philadelphia cream cheese in just 18 little tea /shot glasses. I’ve also added some sea salt to the cheese, to give it that perfect balance between sweet n a touch of savoury. The layers of mango jelly cut though the richness of the plain flavoured cheesecake & give it that freshness. It is the Mango Mousse that makes this one fancy. Cream whipped with mango puree and set with some gelatine, piped over the cheesecake and dusted with edible gold dust. I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to resist one.